Who we are


Creation Co. Ltd. was founded in Japan in the early 1980′s as a small independant company providing services to Japanese yacht owners and building new boats in Japan and Taiwan.

Since these early days the company has expanded to include 5 offices throughout Japan, plus offices in Taiwan, Eastern Russia, Korea, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the USA.

Creation USA was founded in 2008 to provide brokerage services to Western yacht owners, by three compnaies; Grace Zeilmann Yachts, Super Yacht Logistics (both in the USA), and Creation (in Japan). The three companies had worked closely together for a number of years and followed the same business philosophies, so it was only natural to form a company that dedicated itself to our clients under one name.

Creation USA, with it’s partner Creation offices strategically placed around the world, is in a unique position to do business through many different cultures and languages, coupled with an unparalleled level of experience within the maritime industry and we work closely with Japan and other offices around the world to bring our customers the highest level of service and professionalism.

All of our team have been seafarers, and operationally involved in the building, financing, comissioning, and running of large yachts, and in addition we proudly remain a fully independant and flexible company that it is easy to do business with.

The entire Creation network always strives for absolute excellence to ensure that both Clients and Creation attain mutual success.

Please contact us and let us know how we can assist you.